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Name Qurban

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human (formerly Q)
Age Unknown

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 155
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Qurban is of an average height and build with no distinguishing characteristics of any kind, save for the keen, penetrating stare of his eyes. Though not a member of Starfleet, he usually wears a uniform to reflect his informal role as a research assistant as opposed to his true status as a living Theta artifact.


Personality & Traits

General Overview The life of the Q is something which Qurban does not well remember, or at least that is his claim. After 10 years of mortal humanoid existence, his intellect is vastly diminished from the 2000 IQ points that the original Q claimed of himself during his brief time as a mortal. Qurban's exile from the Continuum has left him with a dwindling intellect and recollection which seems to become smaller with each passing year. The fear of becoming a "common genius" likely contributes to his defensiveness over his position and reluctance to accept help when offered. Most of his mortal existence has been spent on Memory Theta, which is why he loves assisting the field team acquire new artifacts for cataloging and entry at the station.

Personal History When Qurban was first exiled from the Continuum, it was at the hand of another Q later classified as the Quaestor. The Quaestor interrupted a private meeting of the Vulcan Science Directorate with a depowered and unconscious humanoid at his feet and gave only the tersest of explanations: “This one is called Qurban. Keep him safe.”

The Vulcans quickly made the decision to remand the depowered Q to Starfleet custody, who in turn sent him to the furthest regions of Federation territory that could nonetheless be defended. The starbase constructed for his indefinite detention also came to hold items, objects, and other secrets deemed too sensitive or volatile for storage elsewhere. As such, Qurban was the first cataloged entry in Memory Theta and has the official status of Artifact Zero.

Qurban’s curiosity mingled with his intellect, which made for a persistent and aggravating observational study for the original Memory Theta staff. Over the years, Qurban’s expertise garnered him an informal research position at Memory Theta, an arrangement predicated on his agreement to never attempt escape. Though he is frequently at odds with whomever Starfleet ropes into the role of station administrator, he considered the facility's AI Ferrofax a close friend.