Name Description
USS Phantom The USS Phantom is a heavily modified Defiant class vessel which has traded a bit of its firepower for greater propulsion and defense systems.

Deck 1 – Bridge, Armory, Enhanced Main Deflector, Forward Phaser Pulse Cannon, Communications Array
Deck 2 – Crew Quarters, Mess Hall, Infirmary, Engineering (Upper Level), Computer Core (Upper Level), Aft Torpedo Launcher, Forward Phaser Array
Deck 3 – Main Engineering (Lower Level), Quantum Slipstream Drive, Computer Core (Lower Level), Forensic Labs, Impulse Engines, Aft Deflector, Aft Phaser Array, E/V Control
Deck 4 – The Vault (secure cargo bay with polarized plating), Deep Freeze (cryogenics alcove), Shuttle Bay, Tractor Emitter

Memory Theta Overwatch Memory Theta's orbital platform contains all of the crew living quarters and related services, a few minor labs, a communication hub, and other assorted equipment.
Memory Theta Vault Memory Theta's planetary installation consists of a deep underground vault with dozens of used decks with several vacant ones for future storage.