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An testing opportunity...

Posted on Thu Nov 9th, 2017 @ 2:36am by Lieutenant Reno “Reno-gade” Van Straten

Mission: Mission 0: Everybody Has A Story
Location: USS Brunell & Starbase 424
Timeline: 2388 - Three months ago


[Three Months ago: USS Brunel – Captain’s Ready Room]

Lieutenant Reno Van Straten checked his boots, adjusted his jacket and hit the chime, waiting to be called in to the see Captain Jacobson for what he expected to be another reprimand for some omission of his duties.

The door opened and he stepped in, walking over to Captain Jacobson’s desk. However, the Captain was not alone, there was another person with him, a middle aged male Betazoid Commander, one he did not recognize.

“Ah Reno, take a seat” Jacobson waved him to a chair and introduced him to the newcomer. “Commander Helujon, this is Lieutenant Reno Van Straten, the pilot we discussed.”

“Lieutenant” The Commander leaned forward, nodded and sat then back giving him a long look.

“Sir” Van Straten replied wondering what this was about and thankful it was not another dressing down.

“Commander Helujon is looking for pilots for a new flight program, testing new designs and so forth” Jacobson explained. “I thought you might be interested…”

“Like a test pilot sir?” Van Straten asked, intrigued.

“Not exactly but something close” Helujon replied “We’re looking for a small group of pilots to evaluate and then make a final selection of those. From your record you might have the piloting skills we need, would you be interested?”

Van Straten didn’t need long to decide “Certainly would sir”

“Good” Helujon nodded “However, from your record I also see that you’re not exactly a model officer, far from it. Several reprimands and most of your superiors think you’re simply coasting along, barely doing what’s required without actually applying yourself. I don’t have time for anyone who isn’t going to apply themselves one hundred and ten percent, all of the time! Got that Lieutenant?”

“Sir, yes sir!” Van Straten replied, feeling his cheeks redden.

“You better Lieutenant, because if not, I’ll drop you from the program like a hot rock and you'll end up on a freighter flying pallets of plastic poop out of New Hong Kong” Helujon stared him down.

“Understood sir” Van Straten wondered if the Betazoid was reading his mind, then tried to stop thinking about that, in case he really was.

“Alright, get your gear and report to Deck 127, Compartment 84, on the Starbase.” Heljun said “They’ll be expecting you”

“Apply yourself Reno, don’t let me down. Dismissed” Jacobson added

“Thank you Captain. I’ll do my best Sir” Van Straten got to his feet and headed for the door. His head spinning, what did he just agree to?

[Starbase 424: Deck 127, Compartment 84]

Two hours later Van Straten stepped off a turbo lift on Deck 127 and looked for Compartment 84. He’d packed and left the Brunel barely having time to say farewell to his crewmates. Although there had been one encounter he’d have preferred to have done without. The Executive Officer was passing the main hatch as he left and Stolor had called him over.

“Leaving us I see Lieutenant Van Straten” He said, aching an eyebrow in typical Vulcan fashion

“Yes sir” Van Straten replied

“I made my opinion of you clear to Commander Heljun” Stolor said, “I'm sure he will come to agree with my assessment, in due course. You may go”

“Yes sir” Van Straten, came to attention but Stolor had already turned away.

Back on the Starbase, he worked his way down a corridor, oddly he seemed to be on a storage level, as most of the doors were listed as cargo bays. He wondered briefly if he had got off on the wrong level, he was about to go back to the turbo lift and check when he found Compartment 84.

He knew it was the right place, because all it said on the door was Compartment 84.

He entered…



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